TC-25 “Tire Chief” Lift

Parts List and Diagram for TC-25 “Tire Chief” Car Lift

TC-25 "Tire Chief" Car Lift

TC-25 “Tire Chief” Car Lift

Parts List for TC-25 “Tire Chief” Car Lift   View  Diagram

Part#      Description

S-110     Cylinder Assembly
S-200     TC-25 Seal Kit
U-315     27″ x 9″ Heat Cushion Section
U-320     15″ x 18″ Cushion
S-330     Height Extension Pad (Set of 4)
S-710     Pumping Unit
S-710M     0.5 H.P. Replacement Motor TC
S-715     Pump Handle Assembly
S-720     11′ High Pressure Hose
S-725     20′ High Pressure Hose
S-750     Pump Unit Stand Set
S-680     TC-25 Locking Leg
S-800     Cylinder Mounted Nipple Assembly
S-802     Anchor Bolt Assembly 1/2″
S-820     Cylinder Pin & Clip Assembly (Each)
S-707     Micro Switch