WL Model Lifts

Parts Numbers and Diagram For WL Model Lifts

Common WL Model Car Lift Parts Click for Diagram

Part#    Description

S-100    Cylinder Assembly All WL Models
S-100R    Remanufactured Cylinder
S-150    WL Flow Restrictor Valve
S-210    Cylinder Seal Kit
U-301    Single Position Wheel Dish
S-400    Chain
S-401    Chain Pulley Assembly
S-402    Chain Master Link
S-406    4″ Column Bearing
S-407    Arm Pivot Pin
S-412    Standard Cover Plate
S-414    Carriage Stop
S-413    Flush Cover Plate
S-600    4″ Upper/Lower Pulley
S-700    Pumping Unit (7,000 or 9000 lb.)
S-700C     Manual Release Valve Sub-Assy
S-700M    WL Motor
S-700P    Pump Assembly for WL Lift
S-700T    WL Pumping Unit Tank Only
S-701    Pump Hose
S-704    Cylinder Mounted Hose Assembly
S-707    Micro Switch Only
S-709    Overhead Micro Switch Assembly
S-801    Anchor Bolt Assembly (3/4″)
S-803    Axle End Clip
S-804    Lower Pulley Washer
S-805    Sleeve Stop
S-806    Bearing Shaft End Clip
S-807    Guide Bearing Shaft
S-808    Locking Dog Washer & Clip
S-715    Pump Handle (State Model & Serial Number)
S-716    Micro Switch Box
S-900     U Shims (Plastic) Bag of 10

WL-7, WLO-7, WL-9, WLO-9, WLA-7, WLO-7A    Click for Diagram

Part#    Description
S-403    Column Assembly (WL7/WL9)
S-404    Sleeve & Adapter Assembly (WL7/WL9)
S-405    Arm Assembly (WL7/WL9/WL07AA/L09)
S-408    Carriage
S-409    1-1/2″ Guide Bearing
S-410    Column Assembly Overhead Type
S-411    Upper Pulley Assembly
S-502    Cable WL7 ^
S-503    Cable WL9 1
S-504     Cable WL07 > GIVE LENGTH
S-505    Cable WL09 1
S-506    Cable WL07A 3
S-603    Locking Dog Device
S-604    Locking Dog Spring Assembly
S-605    Locking Device Release Handle
S-616    Column Extension (WL07A4/L09)
S-702    Column Mounted Hose
S-703    Cross Over Hose
S-800    Cylinder Mounted Nipple Assembly
S-809     Carriage Mount Door Protector

WL-72, WLO-72, WLO-72A, WL-92, WLO-92      Click for Diagram

Part#     Description
S-415    Arm Lock (Set of Four) Since 6/87
S-416    Outer Arm w/Arm Lock Since 6/87
S-417    Inner Arm w/Adapter Since 6/87
S-418    Carriage Assembly Since 1/89
S-419    WL72/WL072 Column Assembly
S-420    WL92/WL092 Column Assembly
S-421    WL072A Column Assembly
S-422    Arm Pivot Pin WL72/92
S-423    Carriage WL72/WL072/WL072A
S-424    Carriage WL92/WL092
S-425    Slide Block
S-426    Upper Pulley Assembly WL72/WL92
S-427    Cover Plate WL72/WL92
S-501    Lower Pulley Shaft
S-507     Cable WL72
S-508    Cable WL92
S-509    Cable WL072
S-510    Cable WL092
S-511    Cable WL072A
S-610    Column Extension (WL072AA/L092/WL72A)
S-615    Lower Pulley Bracket (State Model Number)
S-617    Overhead Bridge
S-618    Locking Dog Device
S-619    Locking Dog Spring Release
S-620    Locking Dog Release Handle
S-622    Locking Dog Release Knob
S-722    WL072A Hose
S-723    WL072A/VL92 Hose
S-724     WLO72/WL092 Hose

WL-70, WLO-70, WLO-7A, WLO-70R, WL-90, WLO-90, WLO-90A     Click for Diagram

Part#    Description

S-101    Chain Roller & Axle Only
S-350    4″ Square Rubber Pad
S-351    Screw Type Adapter
S-428    AF Asymmetric Outer Arm Front
S-428    AR Asymmetric Outer Arm Rear
S-428    Outer Arm w/Arm Lock
S-429    Inner Arm w/Adapter
S-430    Carriage Assembly
S-431    Carriage Assembly
S-432    SColumn Assembly
S-433    Column Assembly
S-434    Column Assembly
S-435    Slide Block Set
S-436    Upper Pulley Assembly
S-512    Cable (Give Length)
S-513    Cable (Give Length)
S-514    Cable (Give Length)
S-515    Cable (Give Length)
S-516    Cable (Give Length)
S-527    Cover Plate (Give Length)
S-614    Overhead Bump Bar (Give Model #)
S-623    14- Height Column Extention Set (Give Model #)
S-624    Overhead Bridge Assembly (Give Model #)
S-625     Manual Cut-off Trip Wire (Give Model #)
S-626     Pump Unit Handle Assembly (Give Model #)
S-627     Locking Device Assembly (Give Model #)
S-628    Locking Device Latch (Give Model #)
S-629    Locking Device Release Handle (Give Model #)
S-630    Locking Device Release Spring (Give Model #)
S-631    Red Pull Knob (Give Model #)
S-632    SPLR Linkage (Give Model #)
S-633    SPLR 1/4″ Pull Rod & Clip (Give Model #)
S-634    SPLR 5/16″ Axle Rod & Clips (Give Model #)
S-630    SPLR Spring (Give Model #)
S-637    SPLR Cable Set w/Crimps (Give Model #)
S-638    Bump Bar Bracket (Give Model #)
S-639    Bump Bar Bracket (Give Model #)
S-657    8 5/8″ Short Rack Bar (Give Model #)
S-658    10 5/8″ Long Rack Bar (Give Model #)
S-659    Arm Lock Release Pin w/Hardware (Give Model #)
S-660    Arm Restraint Kit (Give Model #)
S-661    Arm Restraint Kit For Asymmetric (Give Model #)
S-703    Cross-Over Hose (Give Model #)
S-711    Shut Off Plunger & Button (Give Model #)
S-712    1/8″ Switch Shut Off Rod (Give Model #)
S-727    WL-70/WL-90 Cross Over Hose (Give Model #)
S-728    Overhead Hose (Give Model #)
S-830    T Fitting for Cyl./Pump (Give Model #)
S-831    1/4″ Cylinder Nipple (Give Model #)
S-832    90 Fitting Female End (Give Model #)
S-833     90 Fitting Female to Male Ends (Give Model #)